For the upcoming projects in the second half of the year, Blue Wheels from Essen has expanded its lighting portfolio. The new purchases include, for example, the Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD spotlight by ETC. This spotlight series consists of a lamp head with three different optical attachments. With the same light quality, the attachments can be used to create three different types of spotlight, with a choice of either Fresnel/Fresnel lens spotlight, profiler, or asymmetrical floodlight in connection with the CYC adapter. The light source remains the same and has enchantingly outstanding colour reproduction values.

Also new in the Blue Wheels portfolio are the battery-operated LED spotlights by Astera, which were developed in Germany. At LK, we have the AX3 LightDrop and AX5 TriplePar versions available, and we intend to set a new standard with the PAR lamps. The Astera lamps also offer the opportunity of wireless control via an app.

For light management, Blue Wheels has invested in four HedgeHog 4 consoles and can now use the complete range from the Hog 4 family by manufacturer High End Systems.