The Essen-based event technology service provider now has a comprehensive rental inventory of 1.8mm LED panels made by prestigious manufacturer INFiLED. With this new product, HD resolution from an image width of 2.304mm can be shown optimally on LED walls.

The INFiLED s1.8 LE offers very good quality with a pixel distance of 1.8mm. The so-called “black package technology” also enables extremely high contrast ratios, which are further optimised by new processing. The LED product is easy to use with its optimised design, all-round edge protection and additional assembly and disassembly aids, and is therefore perfectly prepared for the tough rental requirements at trade fairs and events.

What Blue Wheels managing director Sven Robusch has to say:
“By investing in the 1.8mm equipment by INFiLED, we highlight our claim to be one of Germany’s leading suppliers of high-end technology, in terms of both innovation and quality. This product offers a major advantage for our customers: Now, small screen walls can be built at trade fairs and events, for example, using LED technology, whereas split walls consisting of seamless displays had to be used previously. Brilliant images with no seams – magnificent added value with very attractive value for money at the same time!”

About Blue Wheels Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH
Blue Wheels Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH began operations on 1 July 2018 as a subsidiary of LK AG. Its background is a transformation process during which LK AG is being restructured to form a small management holding company in a classic form. Going forward, the previous departments and holdings will be trading as independent companies in their own names. The previous technology department at LK therefore became Blue Wheels Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH, with a focus on stage, media and event technology for trade fairs and events.

About LK Aktiengesellschaft
Founded in 2003, LK Aktiengesellschaft stems from a two-man business created in 1995 by Sven Robusch and Tom Koperek. The company is currently undergoing a transformation process to become a small, classic management holding company. As part of this process, the previous departments and investments are splitting off to form independent companies. The former business unit, LK Interactive, successfully handles the design and creation of multisensory communication solutions, and strategic investment Bergisch Media has become LK Digital – a specialist in online communication. Both units together are operating under the umbrella brand Digital Competence Center Ruhr (DDC.Ruhr). The LK technology department has become Blue Wheels GmbH, with a focus on media and event technology. The event location Grand Hall Zollverein is also part of the LK corporate group.