Blue Wheels Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH from Essen has invested lots in Barco Event Master equipment. The fully equipped E2 Screen Management System 4K with 28 input channels, twelve outlets and 16 PIP mixers is available immediately, and it can be detached by up to 300 metres with a fibreglass cable. All tools are already located in the compact and robust housing for impressive pixel processing capacity.

With the E2 presentation system, Barco has set new standards for live screen management. It offers high image quality and an excellent input and output frequency, and it has a modular design and robust construction. E2 systems support native 4K input and output, and they are the only screen management systems on the market that can manage a four-projector cross-fade with refresh rates of up to 60Hz.

Another new product at Blue Wheels is the Event Master EC-50 event controller by Barco. As an extension of the Event Master toolset, the EC-50 has easily accessible sources, predefined settings, levels and speed dial functions, plus a second touchscreen display.