Technical and creative design, as well as the implementation of the entire event as an agency with overall responsibility


Technical and creative design, as well as the implementation of the entire event as an agency with overall responsibility.


For the premiere of its latest collection, ENERGETIX Bingen organised an event of the highest order. Around 1500 business partners from over 50 countries travelled to the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin to witness the 2017 collection premiere and celebrate the company’s 15-year anniversary. Alongside many high-calibre programme items, all kinds of VIPs and a highly emotional and thrilling multimedia show, there was a performance by Italian tenors “IL VOLO” as an evening highlight. During the following after-show party, the guests celebrated boisterously and boogied into the wee hours with a live band and DJ.


In order to motivate the business partners and permanently increase their trust in the company, ENERGETIX Bingen presents its new collection and the accompanying project catalogue each year as part of a spectacular event. In doing so, the focus is always on exclusive showpiece jewellery from the individual jewellery categories, and the revealing of the catalogue cover. It is also enormously important to ENERGETIX that a motivating and unforgettable unifying experience be created. At the same time, the event should also show the ENERGETIX business partners how much they are valued by the company.


For the show acts during the presentation of the new jewellery collection and the revealing of the catalogue cover, the topic “The Evolution of Beauty” was orchestrated. The mise-en-scène began on a completely white stage, which gradually began to fill with life, grow and develop. Like a sheet of white paper, which can be filled with endless new drawings and ideas, the scenery came to life. The key design measures were the projections on the 160m2 canvas and the 3D mapping elements, as well as pop-up paper structures on the stage. Sicily, the cover topic of the catalogue, was echoed in the overall orchestration of the design. The pop-up paper structures on the stage served as symbols; some of them were analogies of the showpiece jewellery, each introducing a new category of jewellery when unfolded. The mise-en-scène for the five categories was supported by thematically fitting video content, music, dance performances and models who presented the jewellery live and placed it in a three-dimensional pop-up jewellery cabinet. After each performance, the jewellery highlights from the categories were presented on-stage by an expert, in a so-called jewellery talk, and shown on the canvas – either via large animated pictures or captured live by the cameras. The finale, ending “The Evolution of Beauty”, was the revealing of the large catalogue cover, accompanied by a sea of lights on the stage and in the hall, as well as a firework display of golden rain.