Light creates atmosphere
Individually planned and skilfully arranged lighting evokes emotion, creates a deep atmosphere and sets the scene perfectly for event spaces, people and products.

Our light planners combine creativity with technical know-how. Experienced technicians ensure professional installation, and the first-class lighting technology comes from our stock of rental equipment.


Event sound becomes an experience

The acoustic properties of rooms are as individual as the events that take place inside them. Well-thought-out audio planning and a sensitive feel for the right tone make sound an experience.

Our sound engineers always have their ears open. Trained systems technicians ensure fail-safe operation and our audio department manages the necessary sound technology.


The stage is set for your performance

Variable stage systems can be adjusted to any occasion. Set constructions are more than just decoration – they support the visual effect of the mise-en-scène and create space for your performance.

Our stage technicians have many years of experience in the finding of ideas, planning and implementation. Our professional stage technology and the right fittings come from our in-house rental stock.

Event IT

Experience event IT networks in real-time

Information flows in milliseconds and messages arrive in real-time. Trade fairs, presentations and events are becoming digital and interactive.

Qualified IT and AV technicians provide advice, planning, installation and service on-site. Our IT and media technology is always up-to-date.

LED walls

LED in any format

Modular large-screen LED walls are the eyecatchers of your next performance, with high resolution, brilliant colours and variable forms.

Our LED technicians also have a lot to do: they provide the latest LED technology from our rental inventory, including necessary feed systems and in-performance support.


Rigging technology: safety first

A lot depends on trussing technology, slings and motor hoists. Regular function tests ensure that safety is always top priority.

Our riggers calculate loads and draw constructions. We include expert engineers for static reviews, and our rigging department supplies the hardware.


Video technology – make your presentation a large-scale cinema

We will set the scene for you and your event with video and projection technology. Skilfully sharp images ensure that your messages will penetrate and stay.

Experienced video engineers create the right solution for any requirement, certified specialists guarantee smooth operation, and our video department rents out the technology.